Our Community

Our Priest and Celebrant

Monica Kilburn-Smith ( M.T.S., Grad. Dip. D.T., B.A., Spiritual Care Specialist (CASC)) was ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest in May 2008 in Victoria B.C. by Bishop Patricia Fresen. She is an accredited professional chaplain, trained Spiritual Director, and Reiki Master, and is currently working on a Doctor of Ministry degree. Monica is the mother of two teenage daughters.

My vocation to the priesthood emerged out of my professional ministry and theological studies, my concern for social and gender justice issues, and my love for the church and the Roman Catholic sacramental tradition. My conviction is that people of both sexes and of all ages, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation, should have the freedom to explore and offer their God-given gifts within the contexts of church and community, and know themselves as beloveds of God. Personally and professionally, I am committed to creative work in the intersections of spirituality, liturgy and the arts. My dream is for the Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community to be a vibrant centre of worship, ministry, friendship and compassionate action.

At St. Brigid’s, the future of the church is already underway. Along with many other people in communities of renewal around the world, the people of St. Brigid’s are traveling forward with courage and confidence, following the God of visionary and audacious loving, daring to take our place in the growing community of witnesses who are prophetically obedient to the aliveness of God’s Spirit at work in the world of today.

Come, join us — and bring your dreams with you!

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Saint Brigids Cross

Our Community Vision  

The Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community Society of Calgary became a society in the province of Alberta in August 2014.

Our Vision Statement

St. Brigid’s seeks to be a community following Christ in living lives of integrity, compassion and love.  We are committed to supporting gender equality and justice in our own community, in the Catholic Church, and in the broader world.  We strive to conduct ourselves in a way that fosters community and inclusion of all, with a particular concern for those who are marginalized in our world.

St. Brigid’s is committed to being a faith community of care, courage and creativity. We also address, through reflective consideration and prophetic action, the current issues in today’s Roman Catholic Church. As we develop as a community, we are continuing to discern who we are and what we are working toward.  The following are some of the main principles and aspects of our identity to which we are committed, philosophically and practically:

We support / advocate / practice:

  • The renewal of the Roman Catholic church from within
  • A discipleship of equals
  • The ordination and priestly ministry of all God’s people, women and men, married and unmarried, regardless of their sexual orientation
  • A non-hierarchical model of priesthood and of church
  • Vigorous engagement in growing and developing as individuals and as a community
  • Inclusive and emancipatory liturgical language and naming of the divine
  • An ecumenical orientation, along with spiritual openness and interfaith friendship
  • The deepening and widening of sacramental theology and practice
  • Affirmation of the capacity for prophetic witness by all the people of the church
  • Courageous explorations of faith in a 21st century context
  • Re-affirmation, in word and deed, of the principles and spirit of Vatican II reforms
  • An open commensal table (all are welcome to receive Eucharist)
  • Creative worship and ritual
  • Participation of all community members in liturgy, committees and other activities, according to each person’s gifts and desires
  • Transparency and fairness in all matters, including finances and decision-making
  • Awareness, concern and action regarding social justice issues, especially locally
  • Structure for our community which grows out of the community’s evolving needs and desires
  • Living out, to the best of our human ability, Jesus’ gospel message of radical love and inclusivity
  • Reliance on the Spirit of the living God as our source of guidance, inspiration, strength, and compassionate action.
Saint Brigids of Kildare Well

Saint Brigids of Kildare Well

saint-brigid-painting celtic-cross-grass