Woman Priest in antiquity: a fresco inside the Catacomb of Priscilla in Rome (CNS/Max Rossi)


Our Ministry Statement

The Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community provides Christian ministry to individuals, families and society in solidarity with the guidance and prophetic vision of the international Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement. We are rooted in the the life-giving aspects of the Roman Catholic sacramental tradition, while maintaining a commitment to ecumenical sharing, spiritual openness and interfaith dialogue.

We are inspired by the women and men who lived with Jesus. These were people who listened with their hearts to Jesus’ message and who gave witness to the transformative power of his intimate relationship with God. Jesus’ earliest disciples responded with their whole selves to his call for compassionate action. This is our model for ministry. As a community, we celebrate, share and rejoice in the love that God our Creator offers us as we break bread together and strive to become a centre of love, hope and service for one another and the wider world.

All people who wish to join us are welcome in our community and at the Eucharistic table.


Monica Kilburn-Smith’s ordination to the priesthood, May 29, 2008, by Roman Catholic Womenpriests Bishop Patricia Fresen. From left to right: Marie Bouclin, RCWP (now Canadian bishop) from Sudbury Ontario; Monica; Patricia (originally from South Africa, now residing in Germany); Jim Lauder, RCWP; Michele Birch-Conery, RCWP. Photo Credit: Genevieve Kilburn-Smith


Women Priests International

The Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community is associated with Roman Catholic Women Priests Canada and the international Roman Catholic Womenpriests movement.