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Pope Francis Dithering About Women, Skittish About Cops

In continuing to oppose women’s ordination the pope argues that something has to be revealed in order for it to be done; but that we don’t do it so it must not have been revealed. A cursory examination of change … Continue reading

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Ecumenical Catholic Communion ordains its first female bishop

Article posted from His Mema, Denise Donato, had just been ordained the first female bishop in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC). Psalm 82 speaks about wisdom coming “from out of the mouths of babes.” One day Miles will learn that … Continue reading

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MeToo and the maleness of God

The door into the old boys club, through which only whispers emerged about the abusive gender relations that were tolerated within, has been unlocked and flung wide open. The assumed privileges of mostly white men which has allowed society to … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday Vatican Embassy Witness

“Holy Thursday Vatican Embassy Witness : From Condemnation to Conversation: Vatican Nuncio Dialogues with Women Priests” by Roy Bourgeois, Jane Via and Janice Sevre-Duszynska From 2002 through 2016, the Vatican has condemned the ordination of women priests. Since the ordination … Continue reading

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Women priests ‘delighted’ by Google, Vatican catacombs tour

Thanks to collaboration between Google Street View and the Vatican, Rome’s catacombs are now accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. However, the move has created controversy for what some say the catacombs hold. Read full article by Megan Fincher … Continue reading

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News Story — Role of Women in the Church

Continued from September 6, 2013 Newsletter The Pope then launched into a strange interlude about Paraguayan women who, after that country’s war with Brazil led to such a decimation of the male population that there were eight women to every … Continue reading

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Is Pope Francis inaugurating the third millennium?

A short opinion piece from theologian Leonardo Boff regarding Pope Francis The first millennium of Christianity was marked by the paradigm of community. The Churches had relative autonomy regarding their own rites: Orthodox, Coptic, Ambrosian from Milan, Mozarabic, from Spain, … Continue reading

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New Pope is Good News for the Catholic Church

Francis. Pope Francis. This could be good news for the Catholic Church, for the whole church, and for the world. Let’s hope and pray so. 
Jorge Bergoglio, the Argentinian cardinal from Buenos Aires, will be the first pope from Latin … Continue reading

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Tommy the Dog Attends Church

ROME – Since his owner died two months ago, Tommy the dog has not missed a single mass in the small church in southern Italy where his mistress’s funeral was held, Italian media said Wednesday. When the bells of the … Continue reading

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Hope, Solidarity, and Prophecy in Imaginal Cells

Article written by Skye Thomas After a caterpillar buries itself inside its cocoon, it waits to morph into a butterfly. The caterpillar does not simply shrink a bit and sprout wings. Instead, it sort of disintegrates into a puddle of … Continue reading

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