Pope Francis Dithering About Women, Skittish About Cops

In continuing to oppose women’s ordination the pope argues that something has to be revealed in order for it to be done; but that we don’t do it so it must not have been revealed. A cursory examination of change on Catholic views of the death penalty and usury make quick mincemeat of that argument. Revelation provides direction toward increased justice; it’s not a checklist of historical givens. Read More


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Mary McAleese “The time is now for change in the Catholic Church”

Originally published by Voices of Faith

Mary McAleese grew up the eldest of nine children in a tumultuous time in Northern Ireland. Her family was forced to leave the area by Loyalists when The Troubles broke out. She was the first Irish President to come from Northern Ireland and the first woman to succeed another woman as the eighth President of Ireland from 1997 – 2011.

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Ecumenical Catholic Communion ordains its first female bishop

Article posted from www.ncronline.org

His Mema, Denise Donato, had just been ordained the first female bishop in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion (ECC). Psalm 82 speaks about wisdom coming “from out of the mouths of babes.” One day Miles will learn that his sweet farewell was also a revolutionary statement. – Read full article


From left to right, Bishops Raphael Adams, Peter Hickman and Francis Krebs pray the litany of the saints with the community during the prayer over Denise Donato, who lies prostrate for her ordination as bishop in the Ecumenical Catholic Communion church. (NCR photo/Jamie Manson)

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MeToo and the maleness of God

cropped-magdalenemoments-headerThe door into the old boys club, through which only whispers emerged about the abusive gender relations that were tolerated within, has been unlocked and flung wide open.

The assumed privileges of mostly white men which has allowed society to turn a blind eye to various levels of molestation of women, children and LGBTQ people, has been revealed for what it is in the light of day: an abuse of power which leads to violence. And in a perverse way, the vulgar and demeaning statements of from the President of the United States have unmasked the ugly face of the system that put him there in the first place and continues to maintain him in power.

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Knock Knock: Level 1 Focusing

Click on image below to open pdf file.


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The Sacred Struggle for Peace, Justice & Equality

Roy Bourgeois joined us in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for a special talk about Women’s Ordination, The School of the America’s and LGBT Equality.

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Roy Bourgeois Visit and Presentation

September Mass:  Sunday, Sept. 18, 2016

Guest priest Roy Bourgeois, who was dismissed from his order for his support of women priests, will be visiting us (from Georgia), saying mass with Monica and giving a talk in the afternoon.  There will also be a public talk in the evening, 7 p.m., at Southwood United Church (see poster).
[In October, we will resume our second Sunday of the month schedule, which will be the Thanksgiving weekend, Oct. 9.]
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