About Saint Brigid

Saint Brigid of Ireland stained glass window at Saint Joseph’s Cathedral, Macon, Georgia, USA; artist unknown.

St. Brigid is patron saint (or, in gender-sensitive language, matron saint) of — among other things — babies, blacksmiths, cattle, children of unmarried parents, midwives, nuns, poets, poultry raisers, printing presses, sailors, scholars and travellers.She is one of Ireland’s three patron saints (along with Patrick and Columba).In Ireland, it is traditional to hang a St. Brigid’s Cross in the home in honour of this saint, especially over doorways, in order to ensure good health and protection from harm. The legend is that Brigid made the first cross like this out of rushes she found on the ground beside a man who was dying, as she sought to explain to him the story of Jesus on the cross.Died: A.D. 525
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