Roy Bourgeois’ visit to Calgary in September

Roy Bourgeois

Fundraising efforts continue for Roy Bourgeois’ visit to Calgary in September. Thank you to our coordinating team for organizing the fundraising and everything else for Roy’s visit (Dave, Mary, Pat, Rock and Suzanne)!  The bake sale and Baileys were a tremendous success at the March mass — deliciousness all ’round!

Coming up at the April mass:

  • We’ll be having a Bring and Buy – please bring any small items you’d like to donate and/or come with some cash to purchase anything that catches your attention! See below for details.
  • Veronica will be selling her starter plants – pick up some herbs or tomatoes for the garden!
  • Rita will be bringing her paints to the hall so you can make a donation to Roy’s visit and receive an Intuitive Painting Reading (appr. 10-15 minutes) right then and there at the hall (or else arrange for a full hour reading at Rita’s house at a later date). Rita is excited to offer her talent and time for the cause:You are invited to experience  Paint Reading  after mass on Sunday, April 10.  A  fifteen  minute  mini paint reading  will provide you with a window into an intuitive and fun experience with paint. No artistic ability required. Please come and see what happens with your paints. — Rita

For the Bring and Buy:
Items to consider bringing: knickknacks, books, jewellery, and other small household items. We’ll set up tables at the back of the hall to display things. (We don’t have any storage space, so if any items don’t sell, please be prepared to take them home with you; I will also bring a box to collect things for donation to Good Will, for those who prefer not to take things home.) We’ll set up before mass, so if you are bringing items to donate to the sale please come around 9 a.m. to place them on the table (with a suggested donation price attached, if you wish). Hopefully we’ll be set up for purchases by 9:15 or so (it’s just meant to be a casual and fun setting). We’ve done this kind of fundraising sale in the past for other out of town guests of honour, and it’s always been an enjoyable social time. (If you have a bigger item at your house, you might bring a photo of it to display and offer it for sale that way.)

In May, we are going to have a special basket for raffle (details to follow in a coming newsletter) and in June we may have another Bring and Buy if it goes well this month, or we may come up with another idea entirely – stay tuned!

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