Birthing God in the Contemporary World Retreat

October, 2012. Lumsden, Saskatchewan – with Edwina Gateley

I had the privilege of attending this retreat with my mother, and fifty or so other women, last month in Lumsden. I was ready to soak up inspiration and contemplate new ideas. What I was not prepared for, was a shift in consciousness. I was asked to see God as a mother, not as a somber and serious ruler; this was not a new concept to me. I was asked to see God at home in the darkness; this was a mysterious new perspective for me. I have clumsily put some of Edwina’s inspirational words into a few paragraphs, not providing a full sense of the gifted speaker that she is.

Edwina spoke of God as a mother who has compassion and a deep connection with us. God knows our pain and failures and loves us all the same. Edwina compared God to a mother watching her child sleeping. God is continuously loving us, without the need for us to do anything extraordinary.

We were asked to ponder the tiny seed in the darkness of soil, growing into a flower. Life comes from darkness. Pain and despair are a part of life, and God is there with us of the gestation, until we are back in the light. God will care for us like a mother cares for her children.

God calls us to retreat, to go to the edges, to be silent and still in God’s presence. Edwina spoke to the idea of being receptive to God. When we take this time, let go of control, it is then that we will have divine experiences. We require time in the darkness, in the quiet, to be truly open to God’s voice.

Edwina referred to God as a mother, God who is at home in the darkness with us, and God who calls us to take time in the quiet. I felt moved to find the divine in the ordinary and to take time each day just to be in God’s presence. Here is one final thought from Edwina, “Stop. Let go. Let God.”

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