Community Vision

Our Community Vision
: The Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community is committed to addressing current issues in today’s Roman Catholic Church. While we are a still a new community in the process of discerning who we are and what we are working toward, the following are some of the main principles to which we are committed, philosophically and practically.

We support / advocate / practice:
The renewal of the Roman Catholic church from within
A discipleship of equals
The ordination and priestly ministry of all God’s people, women and men, married and unmarried, regardless of their sexual orientation
A non-hierarchical model of priesthood and of church
Vigorous engagement in growing and developing as individuals and as a community
Inclusive and emancipatory liturgical language and naming of the divine
An ecumenical orientation, along with spiritual openness and interfaith friendship
The deepening and widening of sacramental theology and practice
Affirmation of the capacity for prophetic witness by all the people of the church
Reclaiming our voice as the people of the church — the Sensus Fidelium
Courageous explorations of faith in a 21st century context
Re-affirmation, in word and deed, of the principles and spirit of Vatican II reforms
An open commensal table (all are welcome to receive Eucharist)
Creative worship and ritual
Participation of all community members in liturgy, committees and other activities, according to each person’s gifts and desires
Transparency and fairness in all matters, including finances and decision-making
Awareness, concern and action regarding social justice issues, especially locally
Structure for our community which grows out of the community’s evolving needs and desires
Living out, to the best of our human ability, Jesus’ gospel message of radical love and inclusivity
Reliance on the Spirit of the living God as our source of guidance, inspiration, strength, and compassionate action.

About Saint Brigid's

Saint Brigid of Kildare Catholic Faith Community Society of Calgary is a place of welcome, joy, support, exploration and love for those who desire to participate in the growth and renewal of the Roman Catholic church.
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